Fighting the Holiday Feasts

Alright. The holiday season is here which means if you are on a diet or trying to live a healthier lifestyle, food temptation is going to be much stronger for the next handful of weeks.

But don’t panic. You can make it through this season without gaining so much as a pound. Here are a few tips that will help you make it through those holiday feasts without hating yourself in January.

1.Fill up on the good stuff

Although the holiday season is usually associated with pumpkin pies, cakes and other decadent desserts, there are usually some healthy options that you can fill up on. Baked turkey, green beans, corn, sweet potatoes and salads generally accompany every holiday meal. Pack your plate full of these healthy, low fat options and feel guilt free. When the time comes for desserts, you may just be too stuffed to eat.

2. Watch your portion sizes

Ideally, you can eat what you want as long as you eat small portion sizes. Although mashed potatoes and gravy, creamy casseroles and buttered rolls aren’t the most nutritious options on the table, having a few bites of what you want is not going to hurt you. Plus, if you really want to eat something, and substitute something else for it, the odds are that you are going to end up eating what you originally wanted in the first place. Save yourself the extra calories and just eat a small bit of what your mouth is watering for.

3. Add in an extra workout

If you just can’t beat the temptation of holiday foods and know you are going to overindulge this season, add in an extra workout during the week to compensate for the calories. Maintaining and losing weight is simple: the number of calories you eat needs to be less than the number of calories you burn. Crank up your workouts to burn off excess calories and come January, you won’t have a problem fitting into your jeans.

4. Lend a hand in the kitchen

While everyone else is sitting around on the couch trying to digest their 4,000 calorie meals, lend a hand to the host and help clean up the mess that was left behind. Washing the dishes, wiping down tables and putting away leftovers will burn calories and you’ll earn big brownie points with the host. Just don’t eat them.

Enjoy this festival season, but do not forget to burn those extra calories.